Chinland Tour Guide website tlangthannak nei

February 1, 2017 ah Chin ramkulh khualleng kaihruaitu ( www.chinlandtourguide. com) cu mipi zoh theih dingin tlangthannak kan nei asi. Himi website ah Chin ram ih khuapi pawl, hminsintlak hmun pawl le feh thei daan a phunphun tin famkim zetin hmuh thei asi. Cuhleiah Chin ram a tlawng duhtu miphun dang le Chin ram thu thei duh hrangah olsam ten Chin ram thu an thei theinak ding ruahsan in tuahmi asi. Hi’h website cu GFYO member asimi Singapore ih um, Salai Nung Lian Sum (YTU) in tuanvo lakih 2015 kum ihsin rak tuah thok mi asi.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 3.03.47 PM

Himi link ah rak leng ve aw:



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