Falam le Kalay ah Phunsang tlawng pehzomdaan le fimzirnak lam theih tha phunphun ‘education talk’ tuahsak (July, 2017)

Phunsang tlawng pehzomdaan le fimzirnak lam thawn pehparin “Education talk” cu July thla ni 22 ah FBA hall, Falam ah GFYO in hmalakih tuah asi. Tlawngta le nu/pa zaten mipum 110 lai an kai thei. Thusimtu pawl cu- Hakha College ihsin Saya Van Ro Sum in ‘Phunsang tlawng pehzomdaan le major hril daan phunphun’, Tahan Theological College ihsin Professor J.Khum in ‘Ramdang ih tlawng peh thei daan le scholarship ngah daan’ le Dr. Henry Van Lal Lian in ‘NGO lam ih hnatuan daan le tlawngta pawl thazang peknak ‘ pawl tin simnak an nei ih mino le tlawngta pawl an hlawkpi zet.






Cuvek thotho in July thla ni 16 ah FPTP hohanak thawn tuahmi “Major awareness workshop” cu Kalay ah tuah asi ih GFYO in ting 3 thawn a telpi ve.





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